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Hi there, you can call me Kat.

I'm a problem-solver who gets energised by bringing order to chaos, strategising creative design solutions, and working alongside my team as a hands-on product design leader.

***Seeking new opportunities in London as I have recently relocated and have the Right to Work in the UK and the US. Feel free to ask for my Share code.***

Helix Coaching_Mobile.png

Helix Coaching

Led the design and implementation of the company’s coaching platform which supports professional development sessions across all front-line teams.

Asset Manager

Platform that tracks assets and devices for local business owners, making it easy for technology upgrades and repairs. 

Asset Manager Tool.jpg


Teams across Product and Technology have 48 hours to create a project idea and produce a functioning piece of software by the end of a competitive event.

Pristine Marine Aquariums

Desktop and mobile compatible website for luxury aquarium company.

PMA Comp and Phone_edited_edited.jpg

ESC Cross-Functional

Learning program for call center representatives who service HR-related departments. 

Instructional Design Work

My interest in UX/UI started whilst I was an instructional designer. Check out the similarities between these fields. 

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