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Project brief

This product resulted from a client request, asking if there was a system that could track the devices they issue out to their employees. Since our company services and repairs electronic devices, it could be a profitable business opportunity.

This product is a current work in progress in our field operations. 


The lack of a systematic device tracking system for company-issued devices makes it difficult for small business owners to monitor devices that have been allocated to employees. When these devices require maintenance or repairs, the organisation lacks proactive insight into their condition and maintenance needs.


Create a platform that provide business owners visibility regarding device ownership and status so that they can monitor and track their work-related devices. Optimise the process of documenting device information including software installations, business services, and users, in a single repository.


  • Figma

  • Sketch

My role

  • Comparative analysis

  • UX design


  • 1 UX designer

  • Partnered with New Business Partnerships team


  • Market research

  • User journey flows

  • Sketches

  • Mock-ups 


  • 2 weeks


As we work through the scope and overall strategy for this product, the design is still evolving. I started off by drawing up some whiteboard sketches and then developed them into mockup drafts. We'll continue to gather feedback and iterate based on business constraints, user needs, and operational decisions. 

Whiteboard sketches


Asset 1_edited.jpg
Asset 2_edited.jpg
Asset 3.jpg
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