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Project brief

Participating in hackathon provides an opportunity to design a real product idea while collaborating with other designers, developers, and engineers outside of your immediate team. This event allowed me to think critically and solve problems while under pressure, in a short amount of time. I enjoyed learning from my non-UX peers in terms of how they prioritize important features and tasks in accordance with their respective lines of work.


Our hackathon prompt required our team to: Present a solution that leverages AI to assist our customers and enable our partners to discover our internal services/products.


Create a one-click solution to file a claim across all lines of business that leverages AI using peril detection, therefore eliminating the need to transfer customers from Soluto to Mobility.


  • Figma

  • Sketch

My role

  • UX design

  • Video edit

  • Present to judges


  • 1 UX designer

  • 1 software engineer

  • 1 IT manager

  • 1 data scientist

  • 1 operations manager


  • High fidelity mockups

  • Interactive prototype

  • Video presentation


  • 2 days

Hackathon presentation

Recorded video of our team's presentation to judges.

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