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Instructional Design Work

Remote Workplace Environment


I created this course as a volunteer designer with Best Friends Animal Society, a nonprofit animal welfare organization. Their Learning & Development department requested a new learning series dedicated to their remote employees. This course is one of several that I created using Articulate Rise and Storyline. It features interactive elements and multi-media. Employees access the course through their LMS and complete the courses in a specific sequence.

Remote Work.jpg
Mobile Protection Plan.png

Mobile Protection Plan


This course was developed in Articulate Storyline. All imagery was designed in Adobe Illustrator. The client requested a web and mobile responsive course that would educate mobile sales representatives on the insurance plan features. User interviews and observational testing was a large focus during this project as the indented audience consists of several different roles across the organization. This course was assigned to ~16k employees throughout the US.

Respecting Identity

Virtual Training 

As new trends in our societies emerge, our businesses request new curricula to enhance our commitment to diversity and inclusion. This client requested a professional, yet empathetic, virtual instructor-led training session that would educate store leaders and employees to comfortably express, adopt and normalize Gender Pronoun usage in the workplace. Sessions were virtually facilitated via Webex Training Center. 

Respecting Identity.png
Onboarding Digital Workbook.png

Onboarding Digital Workbook

HTML Workbook 

Digital workbooks are Single Sign On enabled HTML documents that save each unique user's text entries. I designed this workbook via LCMS (basic CSS knowledge required). This document contained a series of question prompts so learners could reflect and enter their responses, which were then reviewed by their supervisor. This deliverable allowed employees to complete the activity in their own time, while also providing their leaders an opportunity to verify their knowledge/skill level. 

Company Network & Information


As part of the company's compliance education, I developed this course which was assigned to over 75,000 employees. The course follows a "day in the life" type of experience through a series of realistic work-related situations concerning Information Security policies and behaviors. A "help" character is featured throughout the course so employees who need more support can resource themselves with additional information. The course features a quiz (built via JavaScript) that users must pass to receive completion. 

Comp Network and Info.png
Benefits At a Glance.png

Benefits At a Glance

Web Portal

As part of a larger project, I developed this portal to provide high-level information related to employee Benefits. Each topic can be selected to learn more about important policies, vendors and business processes. I built this portal using Articulate Storyline (some JavaScript triggers required) and it was included as an interactive block item within Articulate Rise courses. It was built with responsive web and mobile design in mind so any user can access the portal on their device.

Performance Management Cycle

Video Module

In preparation for year-end reviews, my client requested a brief module that would illustrate the company's performance management cycle. I created this video using Adobe Premiere and Vyond. The video breaks down the 3 main components of the cycle and uses characters to demonstrate good examples of how leaders should communicate with their employees during each phase. This video module is available to all people leaders via LMS. 

Performance Management Cycle.png
Behavioral Interviewing.png

Interview Basics


This course was requested in an effort to refine the organization's interviewing skills. A large focus for this project took place in the analysis, where I applied Interaction Mapping methodologies in order to define a delivery that would meet the client's needs, while keeping the content engaging for the target audience. This course features realistic interviewing tips and best practices to demonstrate interviewing legally, professionally, effectively and fairly.

Workplace Investigations


This client requested a practical, conversation-based training that would educate new HR professionals to conduct thorough investigations in the workplace. I built this self-paced, scenario-based, eLearning in Articulate Storyline. Noteworthy features include: custom avatars that represent the learner throughout the course, a progress bar that automatically updates as the learner progresses, as well as, answer options that continue the conversation depending on their selection. 

Workplace Investigations.png

Support Library

Web Portal

I designed this support library via Adobe Dreamweaver using a standard company style sheet. I created the iconography using Adobe Illustrator. The client requested a web-based support site to house Reference Guides that demonstrated using the contingent labor hiring/onboarding system. I also developed the 15+ Reference Guides that are hosted on this site, via LCMS.  Each topic uses an accordion panel to toggle between the topic name and its relevant Reference Guides. 

On/Offboarding Checklist

Reference Guides

This project was created in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic as many employees joined or separated from the company during a fully remote setting. The client requested detailed onboarding/offboarding checklists that could be used in lieu of meeting in the office. I developed this project via LCMS, each document contains interactive fields for the user to: enter text, select drop-down menu options and check boxes to complete for each step. 

Reuse and Recycle.png

Reuse and Recycle


This eLearning was a company-wide requirement that educated employees on proper reuse and recycling protocols. This course is role-based, prompting learners to select their role, which then presents the most relevant information based on their work environment or location. The project includes videos, interactive activities and scenario-based questions. Users must pass the final quiz with a score of 80% or higher. I built this course in Articulate Storyline and used branching to organize the content. 

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